Medical Billing Service Rates

Medical Billing Service RatesTired of wasting money on overhead costs that come with in-house medical billing teams? Think your money and resources could be better spent elsewhere? Take a look at our medical billing service rates for some insight into how you can save cash for your healthcare company. Whether you manage a primary care center, hospital, dental office, physical therapy office, chiropractic office, or specialty practice, you can cut costs with medical billing that’s outsourced.

Standard medical billing rates are based on a percentage of the amount you receive from both insurance companies and patients. Thus, the final cost to you will depend on the services you need and the number of licensed practitioners you have on staff. Keep in mind, our services can accommodate providers with between one and 25 doctors on staff, even more.

Currently, the industry standard for medical billing service rates is between five and seven percent of the amount you receive, plus any extra services you enlist, such as practice management software and medical coding services. To learn which of our plans fits your budget, request a quote today by filling out this online form.