Medical Billing Company Fees

Medical Billing GroupIf you’re looking for a medical billing company, you naturally want to cut down on the fees you have to pay for such a service. Medical billing company fees can range quite a bit, which is why you have to research the costs of each company you consider. Make sure any fees you are quoted are outlined in writing. This way, the breakdown is clear so you can budget in the best way possible. While you may see some dirt cheap per-claim rates by some companies, they may make up for that by charging a bigger percentage of your profits.

Whether you choose a company that offers contracts in 30- or 60-day increments with upfront set-up costs, or a company that offers long-term contracts that can range from one to three years, it’s important to do your homework on what the fees entail. Ideally, you want a medical billing company that will help you boost your payment turnarounds, collection rates and satisfaction rates.

Outsourced firms that specialize in medical billing for healthcare providers give you a better opportunity to maintain clear records, boost patient satisfaction, submit timely insurance claims, and receive quicker payment. Most companies charge a percentage of collections, with rates between five and 10 percent, and even up to 15 percent depending on region.

Flat fee per claim rates can range from below $1 to over $8, with an average fee of between $4 and $6. Ask each company if it breaks out the cost of inpatient and outpatient claims. Whether you’re in the chiropractic, specialty or dental health care field, we cater to all kinds of healthcare providers, accommodating between one and 25 licensed practitioners. It’s easy to learn how affordable medical billing company fees actually are. Just request a free custom quote today by clicking on the link below.