Medical Billing Service Fees

Medical Billing Service FeesWhen you want personalized solutions that gel with the specific medical billing needs of your primary care center, hospital, dental office, physical therapy office, chiropractic office, or specialty practice, you need peace of mind knowing you’re getting a good deal.

Shop around and you’ll see our Medical Billing Service Fees are the most affordable out there. Of course, these fees vary by client, especially when you add on extras like medical coding services and practice management software.

Outsourced medical billing is easier than you ever thought possible. From one physician to upwards of 25 licensed practitioners, we can accommodate your growing needs for a seamless transition. Our fees are based on the services you select and how you plan to pay for them. For instance, you can pay by standard per-claim service fee or you can explore various pre-pay options that reduce your per-claim amount due to bulk pricing. The only way to learn the final cost to you is to reach out for a custom quote today!